God’s House Rules blurb

The family today – not only in society generally, but also in the church – is facing an unprecedented number of challenges and choices. Where can families turn for help in sorting through all the confusion?

God’s House Rules is a good place to start. In this book, Donald N. Bastian reaches back to the matchless story of Adam and Eve and then gives couples and families simple but profound biblical truths from “house rules” written by the Apostle Paul to the early church. The book covers such topics as:

. How Adam got his wife
. Submission is for everyone
. What God says to children (and their parents)
. Recovering fatherhood
. The family at work

Complete with deep biblical insights and compelling illustrations, God’s House Rules is sure to transform and enrich your family life.

Donald N. Bastian, bishop emeritus of the Free Methodist Church of North America, is widely regarded as an inspired preacher, wise overseer of the church, and outstanding writer. Throughout his ministry he has spoken with particular urgency on the biblical vision of marriage and the family. His own vision is informed by a unique blend of biblical and pastoral insight, and his treasured experiences as a husband, father, and grandfather.

2 thoughts on “God’s House Rules blurb

  1. Don,
    Good to hear from you Saturday morning.
    If you need blueprints of a steam engine, just in case you are thinking about building one, I can get them to you!
    Glad to learn of your new book.
    Hope it gets wide circulation.
    I have a couple writing projects in the hopper, but sometimes wonder if they will ever see the light of day.
    Have you read David Wells book, The Courage to be Protestant?
    It was published a year or so ago and is a critique of the evangelical movement in the west.
    If you haven’t read it, I think you would find it interesting.
    Blessings on your continuing ministry.
    In Him,
    Darold L. Hill

    • Darold: It was a surprise and delight to see you in Clearwater. I’m not into building steam engines yet but you bring back memories from long years past of the wonderful set you had in your home. I’m glad you’re keeping well. Blessings. Don

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