A Love That Is Still Fresh … 73 Years and Counting

While sorting through some of my papers recently I came across this poem celebrating young love. I wrote it several years ago. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I still feel this way about Kathleen after 73 years of marriage.


You found me.
Or was it I found you?
We are found.

It was gradual, it was instant,
Enticing, teasing, surprising.
Our finding overtook us, came upon us
Slyly, gently, with a rush.

But was it luck? freakish? odd?
Mere nature acting out?
No, more, much more.

The hand that guides us,
God’s hand, touched us,
Nudged us gently in sleep-robbed night,
Shed light on eyes deeper than sight,
And said found!

And now we stand side by side,
Hearts pounding, eyes aglow from candles near,
Hand touching hand gently,
And say with awe:
God be praised!
We have found each other!

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Photo credit: RichardBH (via flickr.com)

4 thoughts on “A Love That Is Still Fresh … 73 Years and Counting

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  2. Your appreciation for each other is clear and lovely. I certainly appreciate Doris more now than ever. Her work in Brazil continues in a program she pushed–many of our pastors come up through it. As she sits at the piano–struggling a bit–I am moved to tears remembering her talents used in Brazil and Haiti.. Incredicle. Roy C. Kenny

  3. Thank you Pastor Don: I’m so thankful to have observed that love between you and Kathleen when we got to know you better at L&L Park in Florida. You were and always be loved as a great example of the blessing that comes from first love. Lyonie and I will be coming up on 60 years before long and our love deepens every day. I know that the real reason is that Christ is the center around whom our union revolves. Thank you for reminding us of this.

    Frank & Lyonie Gorsline.

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