Re-post: In Our Struggles, How Much Does God Care?

2670919541_28ec98cbae_mOn my walk one morning recently I came upon a dead sparrow at the edge of the sidewalk. I knew that none of its relatives would come forward to mourn this sparrow’s death and no kind hand would provide the honor of a decent burial for it. How much value then does it have?

I have since recalled Jesus’ words about the value of sparrows. “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father” (Matthew 10:29).

A penny in Jesus’ times set a sparrow’s value at next to nothing. Yet Jesus said that no sparrow’s death was beyond the knowledge and care of the Father who rules the universe.

His point was to declare with a picture that even the most common and insignificant things in our world are within God’s purview and care. He is all-knowing and everywhere-present, and he is engaged.

For Jesus to make his point even more compelling he added, “And even the hairs of your head are all numbered.” (Matthew 10:30) What feature of our lives could be less consequential? Yet this daring word further underlines vividly our Lord’s assurance of God’s care even over our life’s slightest detail.

It is called Providence, which means “God governs and guides in all the affairs of his universe.” He is not only sovereign over all; he is actively engaged in all. Thus his assurance to those who believe and submit to his will: “Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Matthew 10:31).

Jesus’ words are bracing when grasped in faith. Our God is not an absentee landlord who has set the world in place but leaves it to run by itself. The world is not ruled by Chance, nor governed by the Fates. He takes note of its every detail, though we don’t always understand his ways.

Yet, for some sincere believers who aren’t always sure of God’s care, can we further outline the path of faith?

Remember that God is the “maker and sustainer of all things”. The Psalmist affirms: “He sets the earth on its foundations; / it can never be moved” (Psalm 104:5). And “The lions roar for their prey/ and seek their food from God” (Psalm 104:21).

Still more, remember Calvary. Our Lord’s physical suffering was brutal. Even beyond this, however, was the suffering of being separated from the Father as he bore the sins of the world. He cried out: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Psalm 22:1). Bystanders could be excused for thinking God did not care.

But, the Father did not forsake him. In due time he resurrected him from death, bringing him forth from the grave triumphant (Acts 2:25-28). And God’s care is just as certainly there for us, whatever troubles afflict us — even unto death!

Jesus assures us that God our Father sees every sparrow that falls. “So don’t be afraid;” he says to the beleaguered, “you are worth more than many sparrows” (Matthew 10:31).

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One thought on “Re-post: In Our Struggles, How Much Does God Care?

  1. The Gospels recall a wealth of words spoken by Jesus. They are a treasury of Christ’s spoken wisdom.Our Lord was a brilliant speaker ,conveying his message in parable,using apt similes and metaphors , illustrating His points with memorable concrete images from our daily life and from the world of nature around us.Jesus uses concrete images to bring His words to life. So that His message would be understood and remembered.

    The words of Jesus are always memorable.We remember them still,two thousand years after our Lord spoke them.They are fixed in our heart,steering us through our lives.

    From nature Jesus drew flowers like the lily,trees like the fig ,seeds, birds the whole of nature.He creates pictures in our mind so that we remember His message.From the birds He chose the humble sparrow to illustrate a creature considered insignificant.Of course, for God ,the least of His creation is of great significance.

    In Matthew Jesus says two sparrows are sold for a penny, while in Luke five sparrows are sold for a penny.This shows Jesus really did speak these words.Real events are always remembered slightly differently by different witnesses.Small discrepancies like these are what helps give the Gospels it’s clear and vivid ring of truth.

    One hearer remembers Jesus saying two sparrows,another five, but they both remember the sparrows,among the least and lowliest of creatures.The salient thing is remembered,and engraved upon the witnesses hearts.

    The message is vividly conveyed.God knows all His creation intimately,cares for and loves even the least of His creation. Down to the sparrows.How much more then , is His love and care for us.What great assurance we have of God’s love and care as we face life’s struggles and challenges. .God cares and Christ assured us this.

    Every time we see a sparrow, let us remember our Saviors words and be assured of God’s care and protection,putting our unconditional loving trust in Him Christ has assured us, caring God is with us in our every struggle .

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