Re-post: Change Your Tapes

Photo credit: CoreForce (via verse: May the foot of the proud never come against me, nor the hand of the wicked drive me away (Ps 36:11).

We’ve all done it. We hear a song that touches us so we order the tape. Or we hear a sermon that moves us and we say, I have to hear that again, so we ask for the tape. Then we play these tapes over and over.

Some counselors have put this image to good use. Here’s a believer who is often down on herself, or who sees the world through dark glasses, or repeatedly scolds herself for past bad choices — though forgiven. The counselor may say, “You’ve got to turn those tapes off in your head; start playing some new ones.”

This advice fits Psalm 36. David is vexed by the traits of the wicked person — he’s egotistical, has no reverence for God, his words are evil and deceitful, his sins are intentional — he even plots wrongdoing in the middle of the night. It’s a disheartening picture.

But the Psalmist turns immediately to another set of tapes. He calls to mind who God is — he’s loving, faithful, righteous, just. In fact, His love is “covenant love,” love that just won’t quit. That’s a tape that we should listen to again and again if the evil around us makes us glum.

The Psalmist ends with a simple prayer: “Continue your love to those who know you. . .” This prayer turns him to the right source for help, and he plays new tapes.

Thought: If we have power to choose the physical tapes we play, we have power to choose the mental tapes also.

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2 thoughts on “Re-post: Change Your Tapes

  1. Thanks for a word of direction. Our days and routines are much the same for us day after day. Little changes of care for one another brings a smile and a thank you. Even to think about what would bring joy is a change of mind set. God is good what ever state we may be in. Being somewhat confines give one time to think, that even is a gift. Mary and Ed

  2. Pastor this is very inspiring.

    “Continue your love to those who know you. . .”

    What a a wonderful,positive ,piece of advice.

    God’s love !What a fine term for it,’covenant love’ is .God’s love is the very gold standard of love.God’s love just won’t quit.And He loves us for we are His ,His creation for whom He sent His own Son to shed His precious blood to save us .

    When we contemplate this ,how could we ever fail to love our God with all our strength and all our heart,as Jesus commanded.

    John Wesley said his famous last words on this earth just before he entered life,on his death bed ,that day of 2 March 1791.It was a Thursday I think. He said

    “The best of all is, God is with us!” .

    And then he said it again ,before his last breath on this earh expired.

    “The best of all is, God is with us!”

    He knew what a comfort it is to be loved with such a love as God has for us.God’s love never quits.Covenant love – what security God’s love gives us.

    What further motivation could we ever need to give our life to our loving Father,than this.

    God’s love is the best tape ever,the tape I love to play most .It comforts and lifts me when I’m weak.

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