Kate’s Baby Bump and The Culture’s Double Standard’s

Prince-William-Kate-Middl-007The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate, visited New York recently. The press showed its usual fascination with royalty, but their interest centered on the fact that Kate is about five months pregnant with the royal couple’s second child. The press referred repeatedly and playfully to the Duchess’s “baby bump.”

In writing about their visit, Katrina Trenko, managing editor of the Daily Signal, noted “At this stage, the baby has a heart, a face, a brain and fingernails.” And yet, she went on to explain, the United States and Canada are among the seven countries of the world, including China and North Korea, that allow elective abortions after 20 weeks.

The press’s excitement over the developing royal baby, on the one hand, and on the other the law’s protection of the “right” to abort and discard unwanted babies at will, hints sharply at the double-standards of a people.

Some say, “So what? The Supreme Court made a judgment about abortions nearly 42 years ago; Get over it; society changes.”

Others say, “Not so fast; from Judeo-Christian morality and/ or an innate sense of the sanctity of life, they believe neither the Supreme Court nor any other human institution has the authority to create a “right” to end human life, even while it is in its developing stage. One could note that such a moral double-standard seems also to have spread to other areas in our society.

For example, many still celebrate the genius of their nation’s Constitution, while others appear to look on approvingly when that constitution is seriously circumvented.

In other areas we hear occasional news reports of leaders working under a job description, a board, a constitution, or leadership vows, who take liberties or act in ways expressly forbidden by the organizational laws they are bound to uphold. Think Skilling at Enron and Madoff on Wall Street; Lerner at the IRS, Neely at the GSA; and Driscoll and others in the church. Each had their promoters and detractors reflecting the double standard.

If one is on the side of order and integrity, is it going too far to wonder thus: Have the laws that govern us and our institutions come to be seen by many leaders as merely suggestions? Can it be that some leaders believe it unimportant to read and understand bylaws or constitutions and even Roberts Rules of Order?

Yet, might it also be that there are stirrings everywhere of discontent with such operational and moral casualness? Might it be that 2015 will swing the pendulum back toward favoring not only babies of Dukes and Duchesses, but favoring those developing in every womb? Can we raise our prayers and our voices so as to heal the wounds of lawlessness and corruption in government, business and the church?

Above all, perhaps Christian organizations everywhere will lead the way this year by asking themselves: are we strong in our commitment to bylaws, constitutions, principle and meticulous processes, so that institutional wounds can be healed? Can the church be first to swing the pendulum back to regular order, and can we see this as required by the Lord we serve, who makes all things new and leads us always upward?

Photo credit: Pool/REUTERS

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2 thoughts on “Kate’s Baby Bump and The Culture’s Double Standard’s

  1. Canada,China,Netherlands North Korea,Singapore,USA & Vietnam are the only 7 countries allowing unrestricted elective abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.

    What strange bedfellows!

    3 of the world’s 4 remaining single party communist states – centralized militarized dictatorships .

    A partly free south- east asian city state.

    A democratic free world kingdom ,mainly European but with three Carribean islands

    .Then 2 vast free world democratic federalized North American nations . One a republic , a federation of states.The other ,adjoining it, a federation of provinces, with a democratic parliament and monarchy – the Maple Crown .,Prince William is second in line to head the Canadian royal family.. The’’baby bump’’, by present law owhether boy or girl ,will be 4th in line to the Maple Throne.

    By world standards these countries can fairly be said to have extremely ultra -permissive abortion laws.

    Netherlands was long a Christian society, the south being Catholic, the north Calvinist.Now it’s one of the most secular countries in Europe with little over a third having religious affiliations and only a minute church attendance.

    Perhaps one might expect a country in serious Christian decline to casually disregard Bible standards when making law.But USA and Canada ? How is it so many there are absolutely sure of their right to extinguish human life.

    I think the persuasive argument is that a woman should have the right to determine what happens to her own body.Well yes,of course.How can anyone argue against that.The greatest love and compassion must be given her.

    But something very precious is at stake here – human life. ,By what is often called the miracle of human reproduction ,there is not one body but two,the smaller dependant upon at the mercy of the greater

    No verbal tricks can get away from the fact.A foetus,fetus or faetus is just a scientific word for a living mammal or vivaporous vertebrate at the post embryonic and pre natal stage.In homo sapiens this is taken to be the living human being as she is in the 9th week after fertilization.

    Butt human development is a continuum.There is no clear demarcation point between an embryo and a fetus.Yet at 9 weeks a human is complete,has achieved her basic form and all the main organs are present. She or he may not have a name yet but she is a fully living human being.

    Some lobbyists seem to suggest a foetus is not a living human being.This is absurd.

    By 20 weeks a woman can surely feel her baby,feel her baby move. Social interaction has begun.

    We are still in the nativity period of the Christian year.The point at which the Magi deliver their gifts – Epiphany. I ‘m reminded of that wonderful moment in the nativity gospel. of Luke.

    ‘’When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit’’ Luke 1:41 NIV

    John had sensed the presence of our Saviour.

    Before any legislature casually decides to anull the right to human life in the living,they should consider very carefully what they are in fact doing.Those in the legislature who are Christians , sworn to Christ the Logos, have a duty to heed the Word of God.It’s in their Bible

    I believe we have no right to end any human life.There is certainly no right to end an innocent human life.

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