Living the Fulfilled Life

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At some time in the past I ran across a description of the three ingredients for personal fulfillment: (1) someone to love; (2) something to do; and (3) something to look forward to.

Someone to love.

For Christians, “the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us” (Rom. 5:5). We don’t deserve this love; it is a gift to be shared. If we lack a sense of joy and fulfillment, we might look into this realm of our lives for deficiency.

Something to do.

Fulfilled people are serving people. When Lila Morgan retired from a teaching career she asked me, her pastor, for the names of a few shut-in seniors she could take the Sunday School papers to each Monday. She took that short list, enlarged it, and made it into a weekly ministry. She not only visited seniors, she took some to the grocery store and then drove them with their groceries back to their homes. If we are discontented, we can ask, is there a something-to-do deficiency (to-do especially for others) that might be the answer?

Something to look forward to.

Many things we look forward to on our horizons may be in the realm of the mundane – an upcoming vacation, the visit of distant family members, the completion of a college degree, or even the blossoming of the first daffodil in the spring. But much above the mundane, Christians can look forward to the day when Jesus comes and all hurts are healed and all wrongs righted. Something thrilling to anticipate!

It is clear that we are all responsible to some degree for providing the ingredients for our own fulfillment: to actively choose to love, to do, and to hope.

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One thought on “Living the Fulfilled Life

  1. Indeed it is in loving God that we find fulfillment in life and doing worthwhile things and as a result we look forward in doing something for Him.God be praise:)

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