Is Marriage Redefined Still Marriage?

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As I write, the Supreme Court of the United States of America is in session. Inside the building there is lively legal engagement; outside there are emotionally charged demonstrations. The court is hearing arguments on two issues, both having to do directly or indirectly with whether to extend the traditional and historic definition of marriage so as to include legal unions between couples of the same sex.

In writing this blog, I take no issue with homosexuals. They are God’s creatures as I am. I may disagree with them at points that, I believe, raise an issue of truth, but this is not out of personal animosity. I only take issue here with the idea of attempting to change the nature of marriage.

I believe that in the light of this mounting debate, and possible outcomes, Christians young and old must think hard and speak up, showing that they are serious about what is going on.

The divine commandment, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your … mind” is certainly relevant here.

There are two major reasons for Christians to stand on the side of history. First, nature itself has decreed from time immemorial that marriage is a heterosexual union of two persons — male and female.

Also, human anatomy is designed for heterosexual marriage. Humans are the only vertebrates that face each other in the act of love. This too is an unarguable fact of nature. To both of these reasons, add that the procreation of human life is the potential outcome of heterosexual marriage. Nature speaks clearly on that point too.

Second, God’s inspired book, the Bible, gives ample support to this reality. We accept it as revelation. Christians who are not already convinced should be searching out these truths.

Basically is marriage to remain what it has always been: a union of two persons of opposite genders — male and female?

Or is marriage just a social and legal agreement between two persons who have strong feelings for one another, whether of the opposite or same sex? To answer yes, is to disregard the decrees of human anatomy, human history and divine revelation.

What confusion that would introduce. What beauty and mystery it would eclipse. Fortunately, reality cannot be changed by human votes or judicial decrees.

Young Christians everywhere should be encouraged to think biblically and deeply on this issue. Christian convictions about the boundaries of marriage should be rooted in the opening two chapters of the Bible (Gen. 1,2) and in the affirming of these chapters by none other than the Lord Jesus himself (Matt. 19:1-9)

If the call to cancel marriage as it has always been understood in favor of a growing variety of relationships starting with same-sex unions, may it never be said that the Christian community, especially among the young, lacked the moral and mental vigor to make its voice heard.

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2 thoughts on “Is Marriage Redefined Still Marriage?

  1. “First, nature itself has decreed from time immemorial that marriage is a heterosexual union of two persons — male and female.”


    Nature has declared that, as we reproduce sexually, pairings of males and females must occur at least occasionally.

    Humans added rules to such pairings, sometimes involving one man and one woman, sometimes involving one man and multiple women, sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly, sometimes limited by race and sometimes not.

    “Basically is marriage to remain what it has always been:”

    Marriage isn’t now what it has always been. And by allowing gays to marry, it doesn’t at all change what you do with your own marriage.

    “What confusion that would introduce.”

    What does this mean? That allowing gay marriage would turn otherwise straight individuals into gay ones?

    “If the call to cancel marriage”

    Allowing gay marriages will not cancel straight ones. To claim so is, frankly, ludicrous.

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