Sunny Souls in Bitter Winter: Roe v Wade in 2013

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes (via January 22, 2013 was the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court action that has legalized the destruction of as many as 55 million unborn babies.

Three days later, January 25, was also the date for the March For Life in Washington D.C. Throngs from all across the U.S. came to speak up for the sanctity of life and against abortion.

Despite bitter cold, some snow and brisk winds, the turnout apparently exceeded last year’s estimated 400,000.

Equally remarkable was the great numbers of teenagers and twenty-something attenders. Jean Monahan of March For Life Education and Defense Fund reported to USA Today that 80 percent of the participants were under 29 years of age. They appeared in large numbers at prayer vigils, teaching sessions and especially at the March for Life itself. It is reported that at one point 30,000 teenagers filled arenas for Catholic sponsored youth rallies.

During the day the crowds were happy, even exuberant, in their support of the speeches and testimonials from Catholic and Protestant religious leaders, and also from political figures such as Rand Paul and Rick Santorum.

Some individuals who marched had apparently survived an attempted abortion themselves. Hence, the many T-shirts with the message, “I literally survived Roe v. Wade but Roe v. Wade will not survive me.”

Taking note of the huge youth turnout, most political figures had the same message: “This is the generation that will end abortion.” The very science of the subject with startling images of tiny babies well below the age when abortion is permitted has left no doubt in the minds of the young that abortion is the intentional termination of a human life, and they feel that keenly.

The elite media were scarcely present to cover the event. In print and on TV it has been given scant notice, and this has been the case for decades now, since the beginning of the annual March for Life.

Yet the Roe v. Wade anniversary has once again been brought to public attention in visible ways all across the nation. In a number of locations across the United States prayer vigils were held during the week at burial sites for aborted babies. Even in San Fransisco a March for Life drew an estimated 50,000 participants. Later in the spring a March will be held at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital, and it will draw a proportionately large number.

It’s a bitter conflict. Those of us who believe that all human life is sacred are appalled over and over again at what passes for human freedom — the wanton destruction of 55,000,000 developing human beings, by an industry driven by money. Those who believe women should have the right to do with their offspring whatever they want in the name of freedom fight with equal energy. Will the young people continue to feel the support of their elders in their crusade?

For ongoing information on this social issue of enormous proportions I often read and support on the Internet. I believe its information is trustworthy.

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