Pro-Life Cause Gaining Ground

Prolife crowdThe battle to make abortions not only legal, widely accessible, guilt-free, and socially accepted, has been waged now for 38 years on this continent. It began seriously when a liberal-leaning USA Supreme Court issued its Roe vs Wade decision in 1973.

In spite of the expense and energy spent to accomplish all of these goals, Trevin Wax, believes the overall battle is leaning to the pro-life side. He is editor of Lifeway Christian Resources and gives five reasons for this contention.

1. PUBLIC OPINION. Wax writes: “Twenty-years ago many of those who considered themselves ‘pro-life’ were hesitant to say so publicly. Today the reverse is true. Even those who advocate a woman’s right to abortion don’t want to fight for that position too passionately.”

The major reason for the shift, he contends, is the evidence produced by ultra-sound. No more can the procedure be trivialized as a mere flushing out of a clump of cells. The unborn child is unquestionably a human being. The debate has had to shift from “reproductive rights” to the bigger question, “What is the truth about the unborn?”

2. THE MEDIA. Film-makers and television writers have long-since learned that fictional abortion in a storyline not only kills a fetus, but also the story as well. Even “pro-choice” film-makers choose life in the end. In this, media are only catching up to sweeping pro-life sentiments of the majority of Americans and Canadians.

3. A SHIFT IN THE VIEWS OF YOUNG PEOPLE. The sea of young faces at this spring’s March for Life in both Washington and Ottawa took some pro-choice advocates by surprise. One pro-choice leader fretted, “There are so many of them and they are so young.” An honest effort to count the number at the Ottawa march put it conservatively at 15,000 and the numbers of young women among them stood out.

4. A SO-CALLED THIRD WAVE. Catholics took the lead in the first wave of those declaring the inherent evil of abortion. Then evangelicals flooded in to help advance the ‘pregnancy help’ movement — providing support and resources so women could see their pregnancy through. Now the unmasking of ‘abortion as a business’ is being led by Black and Hispanic Christians.

5. ABORTION ADVOCATES ON THE DEFENSIVE. Roe vs Wade has not been overturned. But, Wax points out, legislators in numerous American states are chipping away at the implications of that 1973 unconstitutional law. The increasing evidence of corruption at abortion clinics is supporting their efforts. Even Planned Parenthood is finding it necessary to shift their talking points to services other than abortion – a stunning admission.

Wax points out that there is still much work to be done. It appears to me that one aspect of that work in Evangelical churches is a more careful and thorough education of young people by the clear use of Scripture and pro-life materials that support the truth of human life before birth and that abortion is therefore the snuffing out of a human life.

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