The March for Life Gets Stronger

Pro life bannersImagine 50 million one dollar bills placed end-to-end. What wealth! The line would almost span the distance from New York City to Seattle and back! Fifty million is a stunningly large number!

Yet, since the Rowe vs Wade decision January 22, 1973, that is the number of unborn babies robbed of life in America before they were even allowed a first breath in our world. What a waste of human wealth!

The number for Canada is proportionately as large. But help seems to be on the way in both countries. A March for Life will be sponsored in Canada on the weekend of May 11-13. It will be held in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Organizers expect a turnout of 20,000. For last year’s march, it was reported that students and young people made up more than half the numbers.

Growing numbers on this continent are not forgetting the figure 50,000,000 in this regard. And in the U.S., at least 200,000 such persons came to Washington on the weekend of January 22 to march, and learn, and strategize for life. It was the 38th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

On January 22 another 10,000 marched in Dallas. And in many other communities all across the land they also gathered to march in protest.

There is increased optimism regarding reversals in the realms of government. The texture of the new Congress is changed. For example, the House of Representatives has 17 new pro-life women, and the Senate has an additional one.

As well, there are now 29 pro-life governors in state houses – an increase of eight after the mid-term elections. Fifteen of these are in states where both legislative houses are against government-funded abortions. All of this raises hope.

Of special encouragement is the fact that the number of young people taking up the struggle is growing. Nellie White, founder of March for Life, remarked regarding the recent Washington march, “After 38 years we have a youthful march.” It was noted by observers that there were “tens of thousands” of young people in the ranks.

Organizers in the United States say they must eventually have 2,000,000 marchers so that Congress and the media can no longer trivialize the extent of the public’s resistance to easy abortions.

And there’s more to this issue than merely a march on capitols to stop the funding of abortions. Who will provide support and encouragement for those who do not abort a child, yet for various reasons feel unable to live with the reality of having a baby? And who will minister to those who are depressed or guilt-ridden after an abortion over what they have done? There appear to be growing resources to meet these conditions. And the pro-life movement factors such needs into their programs.

The mind recoils at the thought of the carnage of 50 million abortions. We should bring the realities to mind from time-to-time to keep from becoming indifferent.

Now where are the 50,000,000 caring people who will become in some way involved in this great struggle. Let us hope there will be a significant number of Evangelicals among them, whether by marching, offering their services or contributing financially to pro-life causes.

And among the Evangelical contingent, let us hope that growing numbers of young people will take part.

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